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Gone are the days of breweries serving up minimal food items like bag of chips or french fries. Breweries have become a destination for not only beer lovers, but food lovers. As someone who does not drink, I always appreciate the amazing food that is available at these fine breweries below. Lucky for my guests, they get to drink all the beer while I get to indulge in all the food. Here are some places in NH I highly recommend for your NH bucket list! -Kate

Rek-lis Fried Chicken Sandwich

Bethlehem: Rek-lis Brewing It started as a little shack that the owner and his friends could hang out in after a big day mountain biking, and has turned into this incredible brewery, restaurant and venue. The interior design here is top notch, ( think comfy couches and poufy pillows) and the food is outstanding! I am still dreaming about their Baja Bowl and their beer and drinks menu has people talking. Check out our Bethlehem Road Trip episode Gorham: Big Day Brewing I keep coming back here after my "big days" up in the White Mountains! A beautiful open space design, big windows and great energy. The beer gets a huge thumbs up from everyone that has joined me for dinner and if you don't get their Northern Lights Sprouts ( Maple bacon glazed crispy fried sprouts with black pepper aioli) you have not lived. Definitely a MUST visit! Check out our Backcountry Ski Fest episode. Lincoln: One Love Brewery Right in the heart of Lincoln, a place that is buzzing all year round! This place is HUGE! They brew about 8 beers with something for all taste buds. Another extensive menu with food for the food lovers, like their Korean Boa Buns. Check out our Lincoln Episode Lancaster: Copper Pig The story goes, that their Ice Jam Lager was aptly named after the Israel River Ice Jam which overflowed and ran off into the town parking lot, including the Copper Pig. A very momentous time in history deserves its own beer! The owner is a chef by trade, so you can rely on good quality food here! Check out our Lancaster episode here

Littleton: Freehouse Taproom & Eatery Father and daughter owned brewery, located in an old gas station and one of the old Ford garages. It boasts high ceilings, big windows and a lively atmosphere. The term Freehouse comes from an implied definition for a pub. In the UK, it is a type of bar that is not owned and controlled by a brewery, so the range of beers and other drinks that it can sell is not limited. The Littleton Freehouse honors this tradition by showcasing beer offerings from local nano and micro-breweries around New England. Littleton episode coming April 2 on NESN at 8:30am. Somersworth: Stripe 9 The pizza here was AWESOME!! Local craft beer, wood-fired pizza, salads and rotating specialties is what you can expect here in the cute town of Somersworth! Check out their full line of craft beer here and check out the Somersworth episode here

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