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Season 2 & 3 Coffee Shops To add to your list!

Coffee is the glue that holds me together, and wherever I go for the show I seek it out. Now that we are heading into Season 4, I am reviewing some of my favorites from Seasons 2 & 3. So if you are traveling around the state and land in one of these areas, make sure you pop in for some caffeinated goodness!

☕️ Kate

Freedom Cafe, Durham

Durham: Freedom Cafe

The Freedom Cafe is a non-profit specialty cafe dedicated to ending human trafficking and the commercial exploitation of all people. They serve incredible coffee and good vibes and are helping raise awareness around an important cause!

Center Harbor: Gusto Cafe

OMG, this couple is just the best. Elena is from Italy and Nick born in NH but met Elena in Italy and the rest is history! This place is a gem, full of wonderful friendly energy and true espresso that will keep you going! I immediately felt like family here, and they fed us like family! A well rounded cafe with so much to enjoy!

Hampton: Green Room

From smoothie bowls to sweet potato toast to a huge selection of coffees, The Green Room was a fan fave for our crew! While I stuck with my classic oat milk latte, our camera guy Josh went all in with an Oreo Iced Latte! Something for everyone here!

A new addition to the popular backcountry ski gear mothership Ski The Whites! I love going in here and browsing all the gear and learning about backcountry, but also grabbing a top notch latte and some of their very own roasted coffee. Mornings in the mountains require require really good coffee.

They had me at the Scrabble table! Very cool cafe, funky design and delicious fresh baked goods and a wide array of coffee and food options! Stop in and hang out for a bit!

I come here ALL THE TIME! Great coffee, delicious breakfast ( with dietary modifications) and while you wait for your order, browse the adorable toy shop/ book store!

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