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But First... Coffee

With every show comes a good coffee shop, it's kind of my prerequisite. It's not ALWAYS possible, but it's priority. Thankfully, NH is chock full of GREAT coffee shops. These are just a small sample of what's out there, but if you find yourself in one of these areas, definitely pop in and get yourself caffeinated!

Keene: Brewbakers/ Terra Nova Coffee Roasters. Great vibes, fantastic coffee, good food and really wonderful owners, Jeff & Eliza. I love meeting people who aim to build community and relationships all while serving coffee and snack. It's a really good model. The same space offers live music hosted by Nova Arts, so plan ahead, lots to do at one great "coffee shop."

Concord: Concord coffee shops sure are popping up! First up is Revelstoke Coffee. If there are cool kids, this is where they go. Revelstoke is right on Main Street across from the State House. With a funky modern vibe and design, great owners ( Alex & Lyndsey) and just an overall great little coffee shop, it's worth the visit. I love what the name means: Revel means to enjoy oneself. Stoke means to consume for energy.

I also have to mention Brothers Cortado, which is a little off Main Street, right in Bicentennial Square. Just ask, people will guide you. Two brothers ( Hence, Brothers Cortado) Chuck and Ian who I just love chatting with every time I go in, which is often. The space is newly renovated, plenty of seating and they've really cultivated a very energetic community vibe. Chuck always knows that my drinks need to be "extra hot" and i'll take all of the Vegan artichoke wraps you can fit on one plate. The drink menu offers the classics with special items that draw me in every time, like the Maple & Clove latte.

Goffstown: Here's what I will say about Apotheca. When they post their drinks, donuts, pastries on Instagram, I often drive the 25 minutes to indulge. It's hard to put Apotheca into words, because it's such an experience. Eclectic, funky, beautiful, peaceful and just an all around great place to spend your time. The coffee is everything you need for the day, and while you're at it grab a giant delicious cronut croissant donut hybrid from Bird Food Baking that will knock your socks off. I've never tasted anything so good. For REAL. So much local love here with a boutique in the back filled with all kind of goods, plants, flowers and greenery. Alyssa the owner has become one of my favorite people, her heart is giant and her creativity is next level. Apotheca, you'll remember it always.

Littleton: I love Littleton! Everything about it is adorable, quaint and awesome. When you visit, park your car and head right to Crumb Bum Bakery. Don't wander, don't shop, don't stop to pet the dog. Why? Because THIS. Owner and Pastry Chef Kaylee Klein is just magical in the kitchen. I loved getting to know her and her family, and of course the ginormous pastries. I had a few, with my coffee, and wanted more. Your taste buds will most definitely thank you.

Laconia: Wayfarer Coffee. An absolute anchor in downtown Laconia, with a few locations throughout the region. Wayfarer was a solution to a problem. The owner Karen moved to the area from Seattle and couldn't find coffee she liked. So naturally, she started roasting her own. The rest is history and the coffee is just part of the experience these days. Breakfast sandwiches, waffles and energy bites are all available to compliment your smooth caffeinated beverage as you take your time browsing the marketplace or relaxing in the cafe area. Lots to see and do! Oh, they also happen to be hosting the New England Coffee Festival May 20-21 in Laconia. They know what's up.

Gorham: I hadn't spent much time up in Gorham over the years, but one of our fantastic sponsors, Berlin City Auto Group is up there and every time I go to visit, White Mountain Cafe & Bookstore is a must stop. For the coffee, absolutely, but also for their versatile menu options, especially vegan and GF. Grabbing a coffee and a breakfast sandwich with dietary restrictions is sometimes tough. Sure maybe you can get one, but not often both. Again, the coffee is great, and my Oat Milk Latte starts my day off just right. Super nice staff, quick service and great vibes ( it's also a bookstore), it's a true gem.

If you know of a must experience coffee shop in NH, give me a holler. Chances are I will build a show around it!

Until next time,


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